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A tool for skill development which provide golden opportunity to find a gap in skills and abilities.

About Us

eSkillExpert offers SaaS (software-as-as-service) online assessment platform designed to measure and track skills and help organization to to evaluate right candidates with the set of skills to ensure the best suite for the profile.

Why eSkillExpert

eSkillExpert is a cutomizable system and fulfill your needs,user can create unlimited Questions and Tests as per requirement and easy to use.

  • Stored repositories of questions and test
  • Auto Grading
  • Flexible and time saver
  • Security
  • Seamless Integration of Smart Hiring.COMING SOON

Product Featuress

Add customize questions

Add no. of questions in different Topics using our intuitive system

Create customize tests

Using customize questions with Timer,user can create different Tests,Tests can have different sections.

Import functionality

No Need to enter manual data ,just upload candidates and questions using our upload functionality


Able to get report of all test takers or individualidual basis with charts.

Core Functionality

  • Customized Dashboard for system overview
  • Quick skill search and add skills
  • Predefined set of tests with different types of skills
  • Add customize questions of different types
  • Create customize tests using customize questions created in the system
  • Able to insert sections in each testable to insert sections in each test
  • Upload functionality for Candidates and Questions in the system
  • Browse tests by category
  • Set timer for each test
  • Add custom message before and after finish test for candidates
  • Customize report (Test Analysis for individual test level)
  • Create Group’s as per skills
  • Share Email link of tests to an individual or groups
  • Simple get alert for test completed by candidates
  • Embed videos/ pictures in at the time of question creation
  • Many more featureses on the way ..............

ESkillexpert offers SaaS (software-as-as-service) online assessment platform designed to measure and track skills of pre-hires and employees and/or associations to customize the site to your specific industry requirements.

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